Wah Wah + Gate

Be fooled by imitations!

As always, these are to be used at your own risk!

A quick word...

I've been having a ton of fun creating these plugins, and your support really helps! If you like stuff like this and my other work, by all means feel free to contribute whatever you can to help support this!

Ensure you have the KORG minilogue/prologue/NTS-1 sound librarian installed. Now, before you do anything else, perform a full and complete backup of your synthesizer and save this to disk before continuing. See the sound librarian manual for instructions on how to do this if required. Next, select the USER MODULATION FX tab on the librarian, and drag and drop the requisite file to an available slot in the librarian :

  • for minilogue xd users, please use wahwahgate.mnlgxdunit
  • for prologue users, please use wahwahgate.prlgunit.
  • for NuTekt:NTS-1 users, please use wahwahgate.ntkdigunit.

Video Demo

Two functions in one!

This effect provides two functions : A square variable frequency gate with re-synchronization, and an LFO "wah" bandpass filter.


This effect is pretty self-explanatory, the functions of the Time ("A") and Depth ("B") knobs are as follows:

Time / "A"

Sets the square gate frequency. Setting this value to 0 results in no square gating occuring. Note, if no audio is present for ~200ms or so, the square gate will re-open and wait for new audio to continue, thus allowing you to potentially play along with existing audio / live musicians.

Depth / "B"

Sets the low frequency bandpass filter frequency LFO rate. This allows for some very slow (about .1hz or so) to around 10 hz LFO frequencies, with the emphasis on the lower frequency range.

When set to "0", this causes the filter to move towards the highest frequency and stay there.

Note, turning the knob "down", will cause the LFO to shift direction in the "downward" direction, and conversely turning the knob "up" will immediately cause the LFO to shift to the "upward" direction.

The minilogue xd and prologue versions are built to the 1.0 API and the NTS-1 is built to the 1.3 API.

Download the zip here (contains minilogue xd, prologue and NTS-1 formats)