A unique mono looper with adjustable stereo playback spread for your loguesdk compatible synthesizer (C) hammondeggs 2019

Video Demo

This requires the 2.0 software installed on your synthesizer!

As always, these are to be used at your own risk!

A quick word...

I've been having a ton of fun creating these plugins. If you like stuff like this and my other work, by all means feel free to contribute whatever you can to help support this!

Ensure your synthesizer is capable of installing plugins using the 1.1 API (that is, they are running OS 2.0 or greater). Also ensure you have installed the latest KORG minilogue/prologue sound librarian. Now, before you do anything else, perform a full and complete backup of your synthesizer and save this to disk before continuing. See the sound librarian manual for instructions on how to do this if required. Next, select the USER DELAY FX tab on the librarian, and drag and drop the requisite file to an available slot in the librarian :

  • for minilogue xd users, please use pseudo.mnlgxdunit
  • for prologue users, please use pseudo.prlgunit.


pseudo is a mono looper - there is only 1 track, and it records the left+right sum only. However, you can adjust the read offsets of the looper for the left and right channels, giving a pseudo-stereo effect. This can be particularly effective with long ambient drones and sound effects.


Three parameters are available:

Time : This knob adjusts the stereo spread. A value of 0% renders the loop in mono, and adjusting it further to the right spreads out the left / channel read positions so they are delayed, yielding a pseudo-stereo effect from a mono track. The maximum delay (total from left->right) is one half of the total loop time. This value is slew-rate limited to allow slower but smooth changes. Adjusting this during recording will have no effect on the recorded track, however you may hear the loop delay if the value is not 0. I personally found it easiest to record the first loop with this value at 0, and adjusting it later. You of course don't have to do this.

Depth : Adjusts the loop level / enables recording.

    From 0 to 50%: This is the playback level adjustment, from 0 to full.
    50.1% to 84.9% : A dead 'safe' zone where playback is at full volume but recording is off.
    85% to 100% : Enables recording immediately - this currently does not wait for the loop to begin to start recording, you may enable / disable recording at any time.

Depth also controls the "erase" function! If you wish to erase your loop, simply give the depth knob a little shake left and right a couple times. This does not have to swing the entire range of the knob, just shake it back and forth a little twice and you should hear the metronome again. You have to do this within about half a second to succeed.

Shift-Depth : Sets the loop length. Valid range is 50ms to 12 seconds, by default on loading the plugin this is at "half" and is only 6 seconds - remember to adjust this to 100% to get your full 12 seconds. Adjusting this will cause the looper to reset playback, typically the adjustment for this is a set-and-forget.

During testing, I found I typically adjusted the stereo spread and the record-enable in real time most often, and would leave the loop length alone - hence the loop length being moved to shift-depth.

Of course, your loops cannot be 'saved', they are not stored in the patch memory. Also, currently, there appears to be an issue with the base firmware, where if you have a loop, and you switch to a user mod effect, a chunk of the loop may get erased - even if the user mod effect does "nothing".


Download the zip here (contains both minilogue and prologue formats)