A dual oscillator, dual LFO user oscillator for your KORG 'logue synthesizers!

As always, these are to be used at your own risk!

A quick word...

I've been having a ton of fun creating these plugins, and your support really helps! If you like stuff like this and my other work, by all means feel free to contribute whatever you can to help support this!

Ensure you have the KORG minilogue/prologue sound librarian installed. Now, before you do anything else, perform a full and complete backup of your synthesizer and save this to disk before continuing. See the sound librarian manual for instructions on how to do this if required. Next, select the USER OSCILLATORS tab on the librarian, and drag and drop the requisite file to an available slot in the librarian :

  • for minilogue xd users, please use duet.mnlgxdunit
  • for prologue users, please use duet.prlgunit.


Duet, can be as simple as another sawtooth oscillator, 2 sawtooth oscillators or saw+pwm, each with their own unique LFOs. Lets go over the basics first:


Sets the detuning amount between duet's two oscillators. Oscillator one will detune upwards, up to 1 octave, while oscillator 2 will detune downwards up to 1 octave. Emphasis is placed on finer detuning.


Shift+Shape sets duet's 2 oscillator mix amount. Full left = OSC1 only, and full right = OSC2 only, with 50% yielding a full mix.


Oscillator 1:

LFO1 rate

Oscillator 1 is a sawtooth only oscillator, with a separate pitch LFO. The LFO rate is adjustable from very slow to 10hz.

LFO1 PitchAmt

Sets the amount of LFO1 to apply to OSC1's pitch

Oscillator 2:


Performs 2 functions. Selects the waveform for OSC2 and the pulsewidth. If this value is 49% (the minimum value it can go to), then OSC2 is a sawtooth. Else, from 50% to 100%, OSC2 is a square wave, and this sets the overall pulse width.

LFO2 rate

Sets the frequency of the LFO for oscillator 2, from very slow to 10hz.

LFO2 Pitch Amt

Sets the amount of LFO2 to apply to OSC2's pitch


Sets the amount of LFO2 to apply to OSC2's pulse width.


Despite the overall simplicity of this oscillator, I've found it to be quite versatile. From "vox humana" esque sounds, rich brassy pads, combo-organs - it's just nice to have a separate LFO from the single LFO the synthesizer has, and in this case, you've got two!

Play around with the settings, there are many but become pretty clear fairly quickly.

Download the zip here (contains both minilogue and prologue formats)