hammondeggsmusic.ca is live...

I've created this site mainly to better share my plugin work. I will also be sharing some code examples for arduino / vcv / loguesdk sometimes in the future too. These spaces will be where I can put some news and updates, with dedicated spaces for the plugins, development articles etc. I'm fairly new to this css style web development, the template "conventional" provided by TEMPLATED is used here - this, and the rest available at their site are fantastic and admittedly really helped move this forward - thanks! Looking at the css it's actually not as involved as I had thought it was, I might look into doing my own some time - although really, if this works, I'm not going to fix what isn't broken.

Currently, the software available on this site is all offered for free, with an optional donation link for each if you like. All software is provided as-is, with no guarantees whatsoever - and is to be used entirely at your own risk.

Be sure to read the included license with each software download!