Buckets (and "Brigade")

A triple bucket brigade style MOD effect for your KORG Minilogue XD / prologue synthesizer!

As always, these are to be used at your own risk!

A quick word...

I've been having a ton of fun creating these plugins. If you like stuff like this and my other work, by all means feel free to contribute whatever you can to help support this!

Ensure you have the KORG minilogue/prologue sound librarian installed. Now, before you do anything else, perform a full and complete backup of your synthesizer and save this to disk before continuing. See the sound librarian manual for instructions on how to do this if required. Next, select the USER MODULATION FX tab on the librarian, and drag and drop the requisite file to an available slot in the librarian :

  • for minilogue xd users, please use buckets.mnlgxdunit
  • for prologue users, please use buckets.prlgunit.


The effect comprises of 3 delays, with 3x 2 LFOs 120 degrees apart from each other modulating their respective delays.

  • 3x Slow "Chorus/Ensemble" LFOs
  • 3x Fast "Vibrato" LFOs

For each delay, the two LFOs are mixed together to form a unique waveform to adjust the delay time by.

The delayed results are mixed full wet (no source signal is present) with the first delay mixed to centre, the second mixed to left, and the third mixed to the right.

By default the effect should start with a fairly close approximation of a typical 'string machine'. You have two LFOs you can adjust the depth of, and this is done with the Time and Depth knobs.

  • Adjust "Time(Speed on prologue)" to set the depth of the slow "Chorus/Ensemble" LFO
  • Adjust "Depth" to set the depth of the fast "Vibrato" LFO.

It is when you combine these, you can get the "string machine" sound.

(Or, just use the ensemble or vibrato chorus alone if you like!)

Play around with the settings and have fun!


Brigade, is a fixed value version of the effect, that cannot have its values adjusted. Preferable when you just want that triple chorus sound without any tweaking.

  • for minilogue xd users, please use brigade.mnlgxdunit
  • for prologue users, please use brigade.prlgunit.
Download the zip here (contains both minilogue and prologue formats)